Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Josh Bisker: My Living Street Will

Josh Bisker, Time's Up volunteer and circus organizer at the Super Fun Variety Show, offers his living streets will.

"My name is Josh Bisker. I'm a cyclist in New York City....

The NYPD refuses to properly investigate automobile collisions or release their reports. Instead, without even mobilizing their still minuscule Collision Investigation Squad, except in a very small number of cases, the police routinely, prematurely determine that "no criminality is suspected" in any collision not involving alcohol. That's true even when multiple traffic codes are being violated - speeding, illegal turning, driving without a license, and more.

The NYPD suspects criminality of innocent people all the time -- stopping-and-frisking individuals who are "acting suspiciously," surveilling groups, breaking up gatherings, and more. How is it that they won't bother investigating criminality when people licensed to operate deadly machinery in the streets of New York may have broken our life-or-death traffic codes in the lead-up to a collision?


So here's my living will as a commuting New Yorker: if I'm killed in an automobile collision, I want the police to properly investigate the crash before determining the presence or absence criminality, and I want them to release, without delays, the report to my family and the general public. Post your video with the hashtag #MyLivingStreetWill. Let's get them to change their protocols and start making our streets safer."

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